Product / Service #1

We deal with all internal and external procedures regarding copper.

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Product / Service #2

The company buys and sells diamonds as a commercial intermediary all over the world.

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Product / Service #3

The company always seeks to do all the necessary procedures for the global way to buy and sell gold at the lowest prices and also to get good discounts from the seller to the buyer for the excellent relationship of our company.

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*Ecuador Commercial is a commercial brokerage company in all the local and international fields where we work in gold, diamonds, copper, other metals, petroleum products, rubble, precious stones, antiques and antiques, as a commercial intermediary that protects both the seller and the buyer and links them to official contracts.

*We practice our work in a different way than usual. We are an authorized brokerage company. Import mediation means buying goods only. If so, it is easy to calculate the value of the imported goods, but we work in a different way and maintain the confidentiality of our customers’ information for many logical reasons. Several important things Import comes in the last position in terms of the importance of the services we provide through a sophisticated system named – CSR means representation of commercial services, we are through this system link the client who wants to deal with various sources of goods and services, commercial, industrial, agricultural, real estate and non With all our countries, with our direct relationships through voice and video communication via video services through the Internet, where the customer will describe and deliver his application directly with the buyer.

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